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Tips-tricks to get credit from the Bank, as the power jack, the developing business

Lately the Bank are interested to pay for or provide credit to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Therefore, the Bank has provided some credit scheme which is intended specifically for the MSMEs. What tips tricks that Bank-finance business we are interested?

According to research from Bank Indonesia, the majority of MSMEs in Indonesia is performing well. 11,000 business units from the sample examined and the spread in eleven areas, showing 84.4% to record profits of over 10%. 11,000 units of the business, 35% profit margin has more than 35%. BI from this sample shows a different conclusion from the views that people in general business that MSMEs bad and performing poorly.

Results of research of Bank Indonesia as the monetary authority is usually a reference in the banks contribute to the world credit business. Moreover, if the MSMEs are healthy, both in terms of management, cashflow cash / balance sheet and assets.

The Head of economics and monetary BI Bandung explained the results above, Hermawan B. Sasongko, said: "During this has been a gap between the amount of credit to MSMEs with expected realization of loans by banks. Therefore, it is necessary to have a kind of conector between MSMEs with banks. Not only need to MSMEs worthy, but the Bank also needs to MSME.

This is like great news for the MSMEs. Because the assessment of the performance of Bank Indonesia will encourage the banking sector contribute more to the credit segment MSMEs. However, this loan must be in response to the MSMEs to fullfil with the requirements of banks.

However, the fact that many enterprises pesimistice or hesitate to apply for credit loans to the Bank, the rotation of wheel business, the developing MSMEs need "supports" like of injection of funds, while the accumulation of monthly return has not been able hand over and needs additional funds. In this case, the requirement that the funds can given by the Bank, and of course additional funds are very useful as a "power Laverege itself.

Masbukhin Pradhana, is an enterprenour of MSMEs business' speaker, author books and "Employee whom has billion incomes", states: "Many of the MSMEs don't know more of banking products, which is devoted to the MSMEs. Generally, they wantto know it seriously by the time they need it. Most of they has already known are the consumer Loan such as House Ownership credit, Credit Car Ownership and many more. In fact there a lot of loans to MSMEs. "

When we review the various bids from the credit from the Bank, in fact many types of loans that can be used by the MSMEs. Bank BRI, for example, has about 12 products that effered special loans to MSMEs. like Kupedes wellknow for many years and has been exist for many years which provides credit from 25 thousand rupiahs until 25 millions also have a loan for investment with the system join venture to Rp. 5 Billions.

Similarly with Bukopin Bank, where if the first loan ceiling for MSMEs only Rp. 2.5 billion, has been in increased to Rp. 10 Billion. it shows the interest the Bank provides credit to the SME sector. Some businesses that are interested parties UMK Bank, among others: trading, telecommunications, education, health and consumer financing.

Currently, the Bank also increasingly proactive approach with SME sector. Mandiri Bank for example, several years ago gave loan to Tanah Abang traders. Bank DKI also gives the credit to the traders in the area of PD Pasar Jaya to buy the rights of the Business Place in Pasar Jaya, the credit at least to reach 80% of the total value purchased. Thus, the traders who are interested only need to prepare the 20% capital to buy the business offered. The remaining 80% is derived from the credit with the Bank of DKI refund repayments between 1 - 5 years with the interest rate charged between 14% - 16%.

Some other Banks also offer credit facilities to the MSMEs, for example, the Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906 (Association Brothers Bank 1906) that has given credit for MSMES enterpreneurswho wanted to buy Rights of Franchising. Maximum term of 5 years and average credit about Rp. 50 billion

In addition to several banks that were actively looking for the MSMEs are eligible to get credit, there are also several types of loans in terms of credit does not require a collateral / guarantees, loans of this type is known as the Credit Without Collateral, at first, credit Without Collateralis intended exclusively for financing consumption. But now has growing usage, that is can be used as additional capital.

In addition to several types of credit as we know so far, it appears that there is also the type of credit that is quite interesting, such as financing House Ownership Credit, which combined with the loan for additional capital.

For example like this, if we purchase a home with a product "financing House Ownership Credit", where we installments house regularly, after our repayments after a few years, certainly the value the house that we buy with installments now bigger than when the first installment, this comes in addition to of the total value of our installment, also factors the increase the price of property quickly. Well, turns out, our house, although it has not been settled yet, we can send the house "to school" first, aliases we take advantage of it to obtain additional capital for our business. The way, with apply for "financing House Ownership Credit" new home. If bank approveapplication, of sure the value of "financing House Ownership Credit" that we get now isbigger. Part of the value the financing House Ownership Credit can we use as additional capital.

Keep in mind, however, we should be wise in borrowing, if the rotate the our wheel business smoothly, we should debtor to the Bank. Do not borrow money from the Bank to be used to purchase products for consumption, it is a waste, and in the end it will create a pressure increase our liability, because the burden of interest must be paid each month.

Although scattered products credit loan from the Bank, the MSMEs need to prepare beforehand and know the types of credit offered. Most of us came to the bank when we "need" aliases when our cashflow business start notwell (not healthy),of course we will be difficult to get a loan, because the Bank lend money to the businessman who started the wheels jammed business risk is a big bottleneck in the repayment of installments, can even be failed to pay.

Some tips so that our business that we run are to be financed by the Bank, among others:

1. Borrow money to the bank when we do not need it. Why? Rather the burden of our business will more heavy with the interest? Many entrepreneur that MSMEs make loans to the Bank at the time of injection of funds is needed. This is a mistake. According to Donald Trump, the famous property from the United States through the books of George H. Ross, Trump Strategies for Real Estate, "we should borrow the money to the bank at the time of our strong financial position. At that time, we will be considered low risk by the Bank. "

How about the burden of interest? when our business smoothly, why should borrow money to bank? do we need to do it? If we have more in-depth knowledge, fresh funds from the Bank, we can take advantage of it as 'additional resources' round our business, for example, the addition of factory-wide, or the purchase of new machinery which in turn will increase production capacity. And if our marketing are powerful to sell the production, then our omzet or profit will increase. And of course the burden of interest on loans is not a problem anymore. So apply credit to the Bank when we do not / need not had aim to establish whether or 'connection' with the Bank.

According to Robert T. Kyosaki the quotation in Mr. Badroni Yuzirman, to borrow money to the Bank when we does not need the money even more easily if compared to borrow money when our financial difficulties, Why? because the person who borrowed the money to the bank when the money does not require aliases healthy financial condition of business, the money is usually in use for business development and the like. The mean, the wheels of business gas going on and growing. The companies like this that make "interest" the Banks and other financial institutions. Because certainly is clear and safe, the Bank fight to give loans. But if you borrow money when trapped,generally the Bank more cautious and avoid like this a businessman.

2. Reference Currency Borrowers are credible. If you have any colleagues who have always borrowed money from the Bank and deemed credible by the Bank, you must obtain References from your colleagues, and also make sure not to disappoint your colleagues in the future.

3. Joining In communities or associations businessman and Banking. Try to enter into banking and networking entrepreneurs, and there try to introduce your business. If your business more popular, this will help to increase the confidence of the Bank to you, and if that happens you are in a 'radar' or 'visibility' of them.

4. Do Publications. For example in the form of infotorial / or print media advertising in different media or internet media, is one effective way for the financial institutions increasingly trust to your business. Inform every your business movement to the media. For example, the opening of new outlets, new branches, launching products etc.. Of course, adjust the budget cost of the campaign are available. Matters is the value plus in the eyes of the provider of credit.

Follow the Race / Awards. Currently, many of the competitions or award that is addressed to the MSMEs. This is the place to introduce your business and will also be able to attract the attention of the business you run. In turn will increase confidence in the Bank to finance your business.

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