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One of the secrets More Saved By The Realtors are Millonarios Strategic Alliances

A very true and tested by the richest man in all the land, Mr Bill Gates. You wonder .. That has to do with Bill realtors? Well, let me tell you that this secrecy is one of the most important for a Realtor who wants to be a winner.

Bill Gate said: "I prefer to earn 1% of the effort of others that 100% of my own efforts"

The Strategic alliances and develop relationships pact.

No millionaire millionaire could be no other, no millionaire could be a millionaire with his solo 24-hour, no millionaire could be a millionaire without making strategic alliances .. Why mention Mr Bill Gate, as this man who did not finish their university studies found the formula that you are reading at this moment in front of their eyes.

THE said, I can not do everything myself, I only have 24 hours, I will invite this vision to others and ceases they earn very well and I quedare with only 1% of the effort of others. Mr Gate today has more than 47,000 partners and employees as all Microsoft employees have shares and are part of this great vision. Apostaría that 200 former employees who started today with Microsoft are millionaires.

I will speak very clear and straightforward now on the subject of Real Estate, I think that if you read the other two full articles compels me to tell the truth and the whole truth of this industry.

There is a lot of hypocrisy in this environment, your going to a cocktail of business and greet you and you know some people who are not honest, they do that all the world wants to be on the wave of real estate, now is the major realtor feel even more .. Well, they know who is sincere and who did not, why millionaires are not you think?

When I speak of making strategic alliances and build relationships pact is deciding to change your perspective on how you see others and watch as a friend or companion vision, but unfortunately truth in your heart, you have to decide that this help person to be better than you, to make you earn more money, it has done more to sell your property.

Once you take the decision to do so, has a list of all your colleagues around you, in your work, cocktails, friends feast etc. .. And once finished this list, it begins to pick only 3 people from that list that you think they are good things, you know who are honest and have a degree of sincerity, which are stable with his family and especially responsible.

Once you have decided to select those 3 people, it begins to build a relationship with them, invítalos to lunch, write their birthdays and send a note, if women can give a bouquet Mother's Day or Women's Day, if Men perhaps lotion, rather vuélvete the best friend of them. As you noted you have to invest money to build that relationship. They begin to see you in a different way, and they begin to apreciarte begin cofiar on you or believe in you.

You have to understand that the money they invertirás to build that relationship, it is not anything to which you win in the future, but you need to do it wholeheartedly, and you must love that person as if it were a loved one. Why? The love of another makes it do what it is by that other person, and if you loved them love them too.

Record all these dates on your calendar and cúmplelas, you need to communicate with them at least once a week just to greet them and to eat invítalos least 2 times a month. Sure them in the second invitation will do well.

Eye; some of them possibly ask that you make all of this for them, but you should know that you choose for your the vision, but does not even say what, later you comment that we do ..

Relations Pact

A pact is more than a signed contract, is a hallmark of word of friends who will not break NEVER, so while building this relationship with your 3 friends realtors notice that the time is approaching agree, that what we will discuss later how to use it.

Now let me show you the vision:

If you are a Realtor, your goal should be to be a BROKER, and once you what you need to have a team of realtors to sell it for you, all you have to do is train and get information from new business and success is guaranteed.

The vision is that you should be a mentor for these 3, you have to teach them everything that you have learned and what we will learn, you need to give books of Marketing and audio CDs of marketing strategies when you are the broker you bet they not to seek another company to graduating but it will always be with you and you call leader.

We called leader of heart, not head as do several companies that almost always happens that the realtor kept envidiando your broker.

Carlos Andres Galician
Professional Marketing on the Internet.
Director of Marketing on the Internet

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