Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It is Eiji Doi who doesn't consider it.

Recently, word "Work life balance" gets into the news. This seems to indicate the mechanism and the idea of "Work advances well by enhancing the private life" and "The private life is enriched by work's going well, too" synergy effects according to Mr./Ms. Komuro's book 'New personnel strategy work life balance' (Japan Management Association management center) by the concept that Megumi etc. of Komuro of author who sells most by the business book now Mr. harmony fee between the victories and former Shiseido are reciting.

A lot of books that substantially discuss the work life balance have come out though there is little book that gives the title by it so that word "Work life balance" may lack the punch and sells.

In the selling, business book ranking this month is 'Work power of "Overtime work 0"' (Japan Management Association management center) that shines to 5th placeIt is one of the attention by Co former president Torimp Koichiro of the undergarment manufacturer that achieves the continuous income increase profit increase of 19 terms and 5 sales times without the overtime work.

This Mr. lecture theme is explained how to make the way of work and a conference efficient with "The overtime work is decreased" that popularity is the highest as a theme and team strong, and a fit exactly content in business Person in Japan today. Can able to work as the employee condenses the time density, and doing has that it is if it does very, and it explains management only has to achieve what kind of mechanism and communications for that clearly. Actually, I also indeed served as a reference the office layout method and the conference method, etc. as one of the managers.

'How of ..independence.. U to come practice guide of the harmony fee between the victories' of Mr. harmony fee between the victories (discover Tuentiwan) is enumerated as a title that seems to enter the ranking in this theme when moreover the future.

Here is paid to attention as a book to know the idea of the working woman. Coexisting of the inside where the women's participation in society becomes full-scale and work and bringing up a child becomes a big problem. It is necessary indispensability to the enterprise to support the woman who supports the development in the future. If it is a manager and it is a manager, it is necessary to learn "Work life balance" by all means in such a meaning.

When a best-selling ranking in February is seen, ..delighting.. consultant Komiya One ..".. second. Method of reading financial statements by? (Toyo Keizai Shinposha)However, the book that Zbaris and sees through the desire that it learns, and it wants to earn it even in spite of a busy schedule as easily as possible as Dai 10th place and Kazumasa's Melmagaafirieitar Kawashima 'Method of earning the annual income 51.6 million yen without working' (Ascom) Rancins it to 16th place sells. It can be said that this is a result of reflecting needs of the reader "It wants to use time effectively even a little, and to have composure in life".

Service that can effectively use short time of being able to learn easily, and giving the mind healing it and sufficing by spending hashed time of people in the future is sure to receive it. Please examine whether the element that saves some time is added to the service being provided now by all means.

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