Monday, August 27, 2007

Entrepreneur, why not?

At the mid day the queue of the work applicant decorates the page of a building in Jakarta. A normal view have been seen in the exhibition agendas of the work vacancy that often was spread out by various organisers. The seekers of the work arrived in the hope of getting the appropriate work.
Moreover not just a little that arrived from the district/ village for this intention.

Could not be ignored, to be a worker often to the choice for the graduates of the tertiary institution in the Motherland compared with opening own business personally. The condition for the proven employment opportunities difficulty of not influencing the decision to choose the profession as the worker. The result, not many young circles that finally had entered entrepreneur, created employment opportunities personally.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Do you hope to be employee or entrepreneur?

By: Adang Setiawan

It's unlimited happiness when we passed university/ college and get the Scholar's graduation.
Various congratulations from relatives and the friend then arrived as the feeling of the happiness. But after the graduation ceremony ended, what was thought about by you? At the time of so thoughts arrived like the wish to immediately get the work and became the employee in a company.