Friday, June 08, 2007


bY: Tan Bun Heng

The obedience to parents.
If being paid attention to by us the stage lived of Indonesians generally in the matter of education, then will be encountered by a formal educational routine that were begun from kindergarten to finally entered a period that his name the period in university. Every year in cities always was stirred up with parents who chose the college/the university for his beloved sons and daughters. For most communities that were enough was, the degree of the scholarship was a symbol himself for the child and the family, a symbol of the Success. With ‘Love’ each parent tried to give education that was best for their children as far as the University.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


A colleague had asked about a question that approximately he sounded was like this,

“A you wanted to become the head of the snake or the tail of the dragon?"
This question give two choices to you :

*1) The tail of the dragon mean You became the employee who worked to a company with rules of play that were defined by the company.

*2) The head of the dragon mean You became a businessman who managed your company personally despite begin with small.

It is not easy to answer this question. When you worked to a company, you might not very busy because everything has been arranged for you. You had the assurance, at least every month you will accept the income. While the consequences became a businessman, was uncertain you had the certain income. From the side of time, you had the rule continue to from 9 to 5 when you became an employee, you could not at willby your self. It is different with the businessman, you were flexible enough with time. At least, it's image that was thought about when we spoke about the employee or entrepreneur?

What was the answer that was given by me to my colleague? I wanted to be the head of the dragon while laughing. To the article this time, not the two functions that wanted to be discussed by me, because each one had the special value for his perpetrators. Please by me approaching it from the side that was different. From several times discussions with many colleagues, I take The conclusion that still many of us who provided a basis for the choice to the employee or entrepreneur only because of wanting to have the production more income or had the assurance of the income.

How many of us that really do it because it's our indeed "passion"? Many that became the employee be forced only because of the requirement for the life. Several of my students in fact applied for the work for some sort positions. That was important could get the work/job previously. Such was approximately available in their mind. Ironic indeed. And the finish, not many that really were successful. On the other hand several entrepreneur that did not toomuch love his efforts so as more often was oriented to the profit only without caring about added value. The efforts/ business field that was involved in not necessarily was the matter that really was liked by that businessman.

The success, the measurement not only to how many you could produce but in "how far" you seriously liked what was done by you. You will to be able to be successful good as the employee or entrepreneur. Anything that was done by you at this time, that as an employee or as the businessman, did that with the spirit because indeed you liked it. If you feel did not yet so like it, take the big decision in your life at this time now!.

Life is too short. Go out and do something that you like! (MJ)