Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Tips for Beginners to Start Your Own Business

If you are an employee, often feel reluctant if it should try a business. Without experience, a little financial capital, no relation, and other reason, it made you reluctant to enter the business world. You feel more secure if only become an employee, because you get a salary every month.
It was not easy to start a business. That many happen to the the beginner, they are not doing real business action. The main purpose of business is to make as many transactions, so that profit can pay the operating costs and earn profits for further business development.

But beginners are sometimes busy doing other things that are not directly related to the business that they started. They were busy making business cards, create a company logo and also they are busy designing a reliable business concept. These reduce the time and concentration to focus on taking care of their new business started.

To start a new business, all beginners shall prepare all the things with mature and calculating. A book's writer, Robert Spiegel, in his book "The Shoestring Entrepreneurs Guide to the Best Home-Based Businesses", said, prepare a new business as compared to sharpen the tip of a pencil. Your business activity is not only at the tip of your pencil as sharp as anything, but how you use a sharp pencil is your business success.

As a beginner in the business, you may experience a feeling like this. You are confused take the next step. If you are experiencing confusion in the beginning of the business, Robert Spiegel provides 10 Tips for Beginners to Start Your Own Business:

1. Make Work List

Write and attach a list of work at a place easily visible. With the list, you are expected not to get lost and confused in taking action in your business. If there is a passing on your brain, such as new ideas or other type of work, immediately noted and added to the list of work. This is very important so that you do not lose direction.

2. Immediate steps

Notice how the baby begins to learn to walk. Babies who learn to walk would have fallen, and then wake up. But these babies never give up, and started with small steps. So should you start a business. Although only a few, short and small, begin to move. Do what is written on your work list. And, most importantly, focus on what you do, because it would remove fears and foreigners feelings that you experienced. You may have doubts, but that feeling will be lost if you act immediately.

3. Get Customers or Clients

Where it is coming turnover and profit? necessarily come from the customer. Therefore, try hard to get customers. If you do not have customers or clients, you can not be said to have a business, So, get your first customer or client to start your new business. Serve, care, and satisfy your customers first.

4. Forget Perfection

Maybe you see your competitors have a lot of support facilities, and have many customers. However, you may not expect that everything is perfect when you're pioneering early days of your new business. There must be problems and obstacles. But never mind, it was normal and very natural. Here, realistic attitude and your patience is needed.

5. Carefully to select employees

Select Staff is hardworking and honest. employees who are not excited, lazy, did not have a sense of belonging and tend to cheat just to make you bankrupt. It is very important in the early pioneering new business, you are surrounded by people who are the spirit and hardworking. This will create a passionate environment so that more and more ammunition work your business.

6. Talk About Business

Remember, you are designing your own business and you've been in the business world. All businesses have a strong mentality. Condition yourself in the business world and as a businessman. Change your choice of words and languages in daily life. Talk to your company as a business, not about a business. Convince yourself that you are running a business. Because, when you yourself are not confident with your business, How can you expect others to believe. Do not say the words that show you (like) is not serious in the business. For example, "I'm trying to start a business." Say "This is my business."

7. Respect Yourself

In the journey of your business, after you've worked hard to reach your business goals, there would have to accomplish your goals. Therefore, try to appreciate your own self. We all love the award. It is time to be honest with yourself, every week, ask yourself whether you've done something worthy to be respected, something that significantly affect the progress of your business. Do not hesitate to celebrate.

8. Make All Accountable

This is important so your business can run well, because there are others with more experience advise you. Find a business partner, organizations or other business owners who can be directly or indirectly, supervise your new business. This step is important that you are always motivated to make serious steps that could be accounted for. This step also keep you on track your business goals.

9. See the development trend

Every business day turn around and move quickly. If you're too late, then somebody else will take this golden opportunity and put his business at the forefront. Make sure that your business is not obsolete. That's why you should not spend too long time to sharpen your a pencil tip. For the more important thing is to do something for your business. Here, you must be sensitive to changes over time.

10. Remember Your Dreams

Dream, that's the beginning of your previously entered the business world that is foreign to you. Because of a dream, you dare to make it happen. Therefore, when your business is already running, do not be scared to come out of "safe zones" you. Tell yourself, "Now I've got my own business. Time to bring up my business". Changing goals and create new dreams can refresh your spirit as well as pioneering the beginning of your new business.


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