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The Success Method Launched The Book By Self

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value."
~ Albert Einstein

If you had ever read my article some time before in milis the Writer Bestseller was entitled “Long and Winding Road”, the article this time is the continuation.

When I sent the text to the big publisher did not yet receive the answer, then finally was severed by me to send it to the small publisher. Restu Agung, a publisher in Jakarta, and They decide to publish only in time two weeks after accepting my text.

After the text was accepted, I wanted the text fast became the book. The book that wanted to be seen and read by one of the contributors who continued to give the support. The name is Kindeng, that who also introduced me with the artist Jajang C. Noer. Jajang also that wrote the preface in my first book.

The first matter that was thought about by me from a book was The Cover. I asked my husband to make the cover design of the book and also made the diagram in Indonesian that was given the permission by the original creator. My husband look like “reluctant” making the cover design that what I want.

Made the cover design was very important. Because, results of market research stated that many buyers glanced at the book from the form the. Results of the research of the cover was learned by me from the online book shop,

The text of my first book about Marriage between different nation: LOve and ShOck involved several female contributors. So, how be that this book not to reflect as the “woman” book? So I thought the cover not reek of the woman. The cover I created as the serious book and not segmented. I wanted this book to be read by all the circles and all the social strata in the world.

Beside cover of title was the lungs from a book. This first book has experienced several times the substitute for the title. From beginning the title of “My husband Bule” (bule = west people), “when east meet west” and “how if had foreign husband?”. Through to the last time the book will be printed, I suddenly received the idea of teh title, “Marriage between different nation: LOve and ShOck”. Deliberately I wanted the O letter to be written big so that all that saw and read his book says Oooo.... like that yes...

Results, indeed apparently the cover look as the scientific book although the cover’ colour not enough obviously that I hoped. Beforehand I ask for colour of radio BBC World was used. When I research in Market of Jakarta, apparently a book that beforehand was printed with the design of the cover’ colour almost same. The differences, my book the colour was more unclear.

There were several times the cover’ idea from the publisher's that I denied. Because, the cover picture very smelly the woman. For example; there was picture of the rose, there was the picture marriage couple, even the picture of the heart and arrow.

After agreeing with the cover, necessarily the contents layout the book was properly shown to the writer. However, because publishing deadline and the book must be ready last October 28, 2007, finally I did not accept the proof (dummy/ publishing trial).

I arrived in Jakarta on October 25 2007 the night. And the day after it, I meet the EO (event organizer) and the publisher. Indeed, since several months beforehand I has prepared how the form of the promotion of my first book. The idea that crossed was the launching of the book in universities, the place where many young people gathered.

Reluctantly, I need Even organizer that was prepared to arrange all the agendas. Because, the distance that was far between Greece and Indonesia made me not able in looking for the sponsor personally and also arranged everything.

Looked for even organizer was not so easy. There was even organizer that has been famous but not interested launching the book. Finally, met with a young people in the internet that had the spirit of high art. EO Evonica the name, that was driven by Yurie. She was prepared to accept the co-operation offer, without the repayment of money cash. I only offered book sales revenue from the value of the discount that was given by the publisher. The publisher Restu Agung did not give help of the promotion fund although a little, as accordance with the contents of the agreement.

Because of being acquainted in the internet, then communication was increasingly smooth. Every day I chatting with this EO. Chatting to aim at and giving information where must looked for the sponsor. But it’s a pity, time that was narrow became the main hindrance so EO could not looking for the fund. At that time is the Ramadhan month and several companies had difficulty giving the decision as the sponsor in a short time.

Yurie that ussualy handles the band easily enter the campuses. Two months beforehand through the personal approach, I asked permission to the Dean of the School Of Literature of Universitas Andalas Padang for the agenda of book discussions.

Permission and the response were from several universities obtained. The problem of the place was overcome. Now how made one event that was big? Appear the idea from EO to make the agenda is held in Blizt Megaplex. I just heard the Blizt name and immediately did search. Apparently in the monitor computer that the Blizt evidently the place of the young people gathered also. Blizt was the cinema and modern appearance. I was very enthusiastic to saw it, understood in my place was not having the cinema.

The place of the launching has of early been obtained. Afterwards the problem paid Blizt. Yurie knew with one of the supervisors Blizt Jakarta began to carry out the personal approach. She asked for help in order to be able to use Blizt and be given by the price of the discount. The efforts were successful, we could the place in Blizt exact in accordance with the wish that is exact on the Oath day of the Young Man.

The idea of early only for the launching of the book, direct I the substitute for it concept became Celebration of the Oath of the Young Man. In my heart wanted to give something to my beloved country. I read the contents of the Oath of the Young Man and be toucheded remember the country that away in the eyes. The determination was increasingly firm so that the agenda more the focus in the Oath of the Young Man.

Because already often chatting and discussions by telephoned with Yurie, then when the first time meeting me immediately has been close with him. After meeting, we immediately went towards to the publisher in the Kwitang area. In the publisher's office had the owner and Manager BDD. After the courtesy, direct I sign the letter of the book of the publication contract. The content letter of the book of the publication contract, that, the book was printed 2000 book copy and the title of the book was still using the first title.

The process of giving the title of a book is copyright of publisher. But, as the writer, we must have the idea personally. The writer must diligent to research personally. From results of my research, I have conclusion that the young people market share liked by the name of that had a foreign smell. From the film that was entitled “Eiffel in Love” to “I Beg You Prada” was very popular in the Indonesian social circle. Be Love and Shock, the stable title was chosen. [hnp]

To be continued …

By : Hartati Nurwijaya Papafragkos
Hartati Nurwijaya Papafragkos was a housewife who lived with his family in Megara, Greece. The writer of the book with original title: “Perkawinan Antarbangsa: LOve and ShOck”, she could be contacted via email: tatia30[at]yahoo[dot]com

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