Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chose Exact Media of Business Relationship

Did you know nepotism? Or, had you heard the word “connection”? Two matters, although later mean as something that tended the negative, in fact had the very positive impact. Because, the success of a business, sometimes was determined by as big the network that was owned by the owner of the business. The network could be the friendship, the network of the distribution, the network of the marketing, or the other network.

Unfortunately, sometimes we could not all that maximise the potential for this network. In fact, the method was easy. One of them, that is by making various medias as the forum communicate.

There were various method sorts to get the exact media. One of them by making use of the hobby. Tennis or golf for example. How many the person who made this sport the media for the development of the business. The other method, with the media sharing knowledge. Please saw, the executive's clubs currently are widespread. They usually have the agenda discussed various problems around the business or another thing. From here, matter discussions of the development of the business could be then carried out. View also the emergence of various associations in various fields. This association apart from to accomodate the interests of his member, also became an inter-member interaction media for the sake of the progress of their business.

If observing the positive benefit of medias of this kind, then in fact the nepotism affair or the connection in fact not something that was negative.Along together was mutually beneficial, as well as continued to heed the aspect and the standard of the current law, made use of the media of this kind was just very legal was carried out.

Moreover, by using the media of this kind, the network of the business could increasingly was widened. Efforts supported each other inter-business that connecting through medias of this kind could promote the perpetrators of the relevant business. This a form of the implementation of the mutually beneficial bond. The strength could be from the potential of relationship that was developed, could be maximised in medias of this kind.

The problem is, how so that the form of this relationship could really achieve the target like that was wanted? The media like whether that could be maximised by his potential in order to be able to support the progress of our business? Like the example above, along with will be discussed by us several forms of the media that could be chosen by us so that maximal the potential.

Used the media be based on hobby

Almost anyone had the hobby or their respective happiness. Sometimes, there were those who are unique. For example, the hobby Maintained birds chirp the certain kind. There is also that his hobby was very defiant, like the environmentalist. Apart from That, many also that his hobby played sport, like tennis and golf.

Two last hobbies that up till now most often was made the site of the business relationship. From clubs Tennis and golf, usually many executives gather. Apart from relaxing, they then often discussed The problem of the business in the field. Sometimes, the ‘big deal’ is also made in the field.

It could be said, the benefits to used hobby as media of business relationship is many more. Beside could be relax, we also at the same time could increase the capacity in the hobby that we like. The atmosphere relaxed this that could supported us to speak concerning some sort matters. Including, the development affair of the business. However, needed us Remembered, Not everyone wanted to make the hobby for media of the business relationship. Sometimes, there is also that Really wanted to make the hobby only a looser stress. Therefore, we must be very clever at assessing the situation.

That was clear, whatever our hobby, usually always had the community that had the similarity of the hobby with us. Although It was not yet available, we could then form it. And, after joining, we must be always active. In this way, we would fast was known in this group. Increasingly was known, certainly to will be increasingly wide also the association and our influence in this community.

Used the media was based on the foundation of the interest knowledge at this time, almost every day in the media was appointed as the seminar advertisement. That’s the business seminar, finance, or the other seminar. It was not rare, the participants in the seminar, apart from aiming at getting knowledge, also to make the seminar site as the business relationship with participants in the other seminar.
Because, usually, they who came in a seminar, had the interest that was same against the knowledge field that was presented in the seminar. From the similarity of this interest, a beginning of the business relationship was begin. Moreover, often, after the seminar, the participants will change mutual visiting cards. Then, will be continued with other meetings.

This one of the medias of the business relationship that could be made use of by us. Therefore, not surprised, at this time many sprang up the executive's clubs that accommodate the similarity of the interest to this certain field. For example, the club finance or the club marketing. It’s profit clear. If we gathered with the community marketing, the capacity our marketing knowledge could increasingly was sharpened. We so increasingly often knew the trick marketed a product because often discussed with this group. Afterwards, when gathering in the financial club, we could discuss financial planning, good personal, the family, or the company.

Used the media was based on the similarity interest almost resembled the pattern of the business relationship beforehand, the media that was used this time was based on the similarity of the field that was involved in. From here, usually will emerge various of the association's sorts of efforts or the business certain.

Each company had the different business field. Was involved in the service or the trade the thing , clearly different his handling. By learning the business field that was involved in by us, will more be easy for us chose the media as the place of the development ourself to widen the network. For example, if we moved in the field of the architect's service, we could gather in the association community of the architect's worker. Or, if having the business in the market, we could gather in the association of the market trader.

These communities were the place media developed the network of the business. Moreover, if needing we could establish the association personally. We could ask the relations that had the similarity of the business field. I then followed this method, that is gathering the friend to expand efforts in the depot field and ware housing made an association that could produce the opportunity just was linked with the provisions of the place of the dump the container but also the thing reception.

Such was, the business will without the network be difficult to achieve the progress.
Therefore, we must then be very clever to associate to widen the business relationship that was undergone by us. In this way, we could reinforce the network of the business where and anywhere we are.

By : Gagan Gartika
Source: Pembelajar.Com

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